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22.02.06 12:30
First olive oil production plant launched in Turkmen subtropics
As the Ashgabat correspondent of Turkmenistan.ru reports, the country's first olive oil production plant was opened in the subtropical zone in the southwest of Turkmenistan. Locally grown olives are used in the olive oil production.

The plant was established at the Scientific Production Experimental Center of Subtropical Cultures of the Turkmen Food Association Industry in Etrek. As is known, Turkmen scientists and specialists have been growing olives in this region of Turkmenistan for 70 years now. As of today, olive plantations occupy 30 hectares of land.

Italian-made automatic line "Oliomatic - 150" installed at the Etrek canning shop of the Food Association Industry of Turkmenistan has a capacity of 150 liters of olive oil per hour. Launching the production of olive oil that is used both in food and medical industries opens new prospects for expanding in the subtropical zone the plantations of this vegetable "long-liver" bearing fruits for 200-300 years. Today, Etrek accounts for over 10 thousand olive bearing trees. By the way, Turkmen olives are noted for early ripeness, oil content and bigger size of fruits as compared to olives from other places.

Locally-produced olive oil, packed in 0.3 liter bottles, which by its dietary and taste property yields to none or is even better of the foreign olive oil analogues, will soon be on sale in Turkmenistan's shops. This year, 3 tons of olive oil and 10 thousand canned olives will be produced. The production will double when the plant reaches its planned production capacity. It is expected that Turkmen olive oil will be exported in future.

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