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04.02.06 13:44
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan says Russian media outlets disseminate "deliberately perverted" information on republic's pension maintenance
The Turkmen Ministry of Foreign Affairs sees the dissemination by some media outlets of Russia of "deliberately perverted" information on social maintenance in the republic as an unfriendly act towards Turkmenistan, Turkmen Foreign Ministry said in a statement for mass media today.

"Lately, some Russian media outlets, in particular, the Interfax and Rosbalt news agencies and the Vremya Novostey newspaper, have disseminated reports on pension maintenance in Turkmenistan. These reports do not completely correspond to reality, the statement notes. In this connection, the Turkmen side states that all of the aforementioned information and reports are false and fabricated. What is particularly worrying is that these media outlets have, in defiance of the universally accepted norms of journalistic etiquette, been producing direct provocations and openly twisting facts, thus demonstrating complete unawareness of the real situation."

The pension maintenance in Turkmenistan is based on the Constitution and laws of the country and is carried out through the efficiently functioning state system of providing social, economic and legal guarantees to the old people as a result of disability, lost of a caretaker or other circumstances. The practical realization of such guarantees is confirmed by the provision of various pensions, allowances and other forms of social support to the population based on the legislature and internationally recognized norms. The contemporary pension maintenance covers the most part of Turkmen population. At the same time, the amount of social payment is high and in line with the robust social-economic growth of Turkmenistan. The population is also provided with free gas, electricity, drinking water and salt, the transport and municipal charges are low. Other benefits are also provided. As a whole, all these benefits are the effective guaranty of activities of all categories of citizens, and first of all, pensioners.

In light of the aforementioned facts, the Turkmen side sees the dissemination of deliberately perverted information on social maintenance in Turkmenistan as an unfriendly act towards our country and demands an official refutation of that," emphasizes the Turkmen Foreign Ministry's statement for mass media.

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