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21.05.05 16:33
General Prosecutor's office accuses Elly Gurbanmuradov of embezzling US $ 60 mln and Manat 7 bln
The General Prosecutor's office announced some results of its investigation of the work of certain sectors of the economy and their leaders at an expanded Cabinet meeting yesterday.

Speaking at the meeting, President Saparmurat Niyazov noted that the meeting should address the issues that may affect the pace of economic reforms and the country's welfare and prosperity as a whole, according to the State news agency (TDH). A serious thought over and evaluation of the successes and mistakes are required at this stage of development that the national potential was substantially strengthened, the president said. He stressed that there could be no compromises on the whole number of misdeeds disclosed during the General Prosecutor's office investigation.

Unfortunately, Saparmurat Niyazov continued, today we have to talk about blatant violations of office by top state officials who abused state and moral laws and violated precepts of our ancestors. Elly Gurbanmuradov is one of them. He has overseen oil and gas complex, Turkmenistan's strategic sector of the economy, in the capacity of the vice prime-minister of Turkmenistan over the recent years. He was the head of the Foreign Economic Relations Bank for a few years, turning it into his own patrimony for profiting and enrichment.

In fact, according to General Prosecutor of Turkmenistan Gurbanbibi Atajanova, Elly Gurbanmuradov misappropriated state funds for a number of years, embezzling fantastic amounts of money through a network of hidden business structures. At the same time, he acted both through counterfeit companies and private enterprises managed by other people but owned by him. Turkish Erku company was also involved in crime activities pursuing mercenary interests together with Elly Gurbanmuradov. The company's profits accounted for tens of millions of US dollars.

The fact of the most cynical profiting when he managed to cash in on planting trees around the Mosque of Spirituality of Turkmenbashi in Kipchak is evidence of the degree of moral fall of the former vice prime-minister. The same Erku was awarded a contract enabling Elly Gurbanmuradov to misappropriate some US $ 4 mln. In total, he embezzled over US $ 60 mln and Manat 7 bln as a result of the corruption activity.

As was found out during the investigation, Elly Gurbanmuradov did not forget about interests of his numerous relatives, finding profitable jobs for them, providing them with luxury houses inside and outside Turkmenistan, and cars. For example, one of them enjoying this support owned a bazaar and a marble-refining plant in the town of Turkmenbashi.

The head of state demanded that the investigation be conducted at full, noting that the Law will make a final and fair verdict on Elly Gurbanmuradov's deeds, the TDH says.

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