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26.05.10 12:42
Turkmen melodies sound in Concert Hall named after Tchaikovsky
A gala concert of stars of the Turkmen classical and pop music has become the main event of the Moscow program of the Days of Culture of Turkmenistan in the Russian Federation. The concert was held at the Concert Hall named after Tchaikovsky on May 25. A large delegation of Turkmenistan's artists arrived in Moscow to participate in the event.

On behalf of the Minister of Culture of Russia, Alexander Avdeev, the Director of the Department of the Ministry of Culture of Russia, Alexei Shalashov, congratulated the guests of the concert on the opening of the Days of Culture of Turkmenistan. The guests were also welcomed by Deputy Minister of Culture and Broadcasting of Turkmenistan Aymuhammed Orazmuhamedov and Ambassador of Turkmenistan to Russia Khalnazar Agakhanov.

In the first part of the concert the Moscow City Symphony Orchestra "Russian Philharmonic Society" performed the best melodies of the Turkmen and Russian composers - Nury Khalmamedov, Peter Tchaikovsky, Chary Nurymov, Veli Muhadov, Danatar Ovezov and other. The orchestra was conducted by the People's Artist of Turkmenistan, Orazgeldy Berdiyev, as well as the People's Artist of Russia, Maxim Fedotov. Singers of musical theaters of Turkmenistan such as Atageldy Garyagdyev, Annagurban Annaredzhepov, Gozel Ovezova, Atajan Berdiyev, Gulnar Nuriyeva, as well as pianist Annagul Annamuradova, young dutarist Alty Purmamedov and violinist Sufficient Ovezmuradov performed a solo.

The second part of the concert was of folk-pop nature. Turkmen folk and popular songs "The dark-eyed", "Do not torture me", "Your black eyes drive me crazy", "Turkmenistan - my light", "This day," "Ashgabat", "The Turkmen girl," "I'm waiting for you", "I love you", "Mother's heart", "For you" were performed on the stage of the philharmonic society in the accompaniment of the orchestra of folk instruments "Altyn Asyr". The songs were sung by folk singers Parakhat Shirimov and Lala Begnazarova, artists Jemal Saparova, Vahid Rezayev, Sohbet Kasymov, Suhanberdi Orazberdiyev, Dilber Rakhmanova, Parakhat Amandurdyev and others. Dance group "Dokmachylar" also presented its musical number. At the end of the concert all participants performed the hit "Glory to Turkmenistan."

The long and colorful gala concert in one of the finest concert halls of Russia was a wonderful present to representatives of national diasporas, Turkmen students studying in Moscow, all good friends of Turkmenistan, and also frequenters of the Philharmonic Society, who were happy to fall under the spell of the rich and distinctive Turkmen classical and folk music.

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